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Keeping these things in mind, applying my sales process to the dating process can help avoid this dilemma.

It looks something like this: LEADS Let’s use me as a (hypothetical? I am an American living in Hungary, and I still don’t speak the language well, so a lot of typical date-hunting activities would be much more inefficient lead sources for dating partners than might have been the case if I did speak the language. Like most places, there are plenty of dating web sites and dating services here, and specifying a preference for English speakers ensures that no-one enters the consideration set without the ability for basic communication.

After doing that all day, the last thing a salesperson wants to do after work is chase after someone else.

Your salesperson boyfriend or girlfriend will be so sick of running around after people all day that they will just want to come home to you every night.

We think it’s unwarranted and unfair since salespeople not only work for a living the same as everyone else, but they’re responsible for keeping the rest of an organization employed by bringing in new business.

Not only are salespeople great, they also make great girlfriends and boyfriends, here are five reasons why: 1) They won’t cheat – The one thing salespeople have to do all day is chase people around to get their business, calling leads, following-up, going to businesses or people’s houses.

The core concept in the scarcity mentality post was the idea that if you don’t trust your ability to get new meetings, you will devote (far) too much importance to the meetings you do get. If you believe that finding prospects and clients is near impossible, you will do whatever it takes – probably more than you should – to keep the prospects and clients you do have – whether it is good business for you or not.

Some are over-caffeinated maniacs, some are hilarious pranksters, and some are just plain quirky and strange.

Now before you start imagining slick lines delivered from a used car salesman in a singles bar, hear me out – it is not like that at all.

I talked a bit about this already in a blog post about the scarcity mentality, let me drill down even further into the connections with the sales process here.

My dad worked hard for us and still gets up at the crack of dawn to head to the dealership, although now it's because he's made friends with some ducks who like to eat bread crumbs.

After being a car kid, I was a car lady and eventually a car wife.

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