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Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk boss Charles Dunstone wielded the axe on his corporate blog.

Tried to log into Tiscali webmail yesterday and my account information was not being accepted - tried again today and still no access.

You can't even contact customer services unless you are a paying customer so it looks as if it's bye bye to tiscali free webmail But oddly enough we still seem to be able to access them via pop3. Its rather anoying because our ebay account is set up to sent to tiscali because of the amount of spam we get from that.

Browsing to takes you to a migration page on Talk Talk's website which says: "What about my email?

Please visit the following link to reset your password, ensuring that you type your email address correctly: Forgotten Password What do I do if I don’t receive the forgotten password email?If it displays the message “error with connecting server”, this can be caused by a few different things.The most common of which are invalid settings or security software/settings.You should receive the password reset email within a few minutes of requesting it.Talk Talk offers broadband internet, television and home phone service.

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