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They just kind of throw you in the fire." She was later transferred to the Commerce Department via the White House personnel office.

Omarosa first came to public attention in 2004 after becoming a participant on NBC's reality television series, The Apprentice, starring business mogul and future president, Donald Trump.

Judy Duncan, Michael's sister, tells TMZ she's hired a lawyer to investigate the circumstances surrounding the change to the actor's will in April 2012, making Omarosa the main beneficiary.

Judy believes MCD was not of sound mind when he made the changes ...

According to one anonymous Gore staffer cited by People, her title was Scheduling Correspondent.

Omarosa, who was 23 at the time, later stated the job had been "a very difficult environment, because they don't believe in training.

Just one month after landing a job within the Trump Administration, Omarosa Manigault has gone to a hospital for a leg injury, TMZ reports!

Sadly, Clarke succumbed to complications from the attack on September 3, 2012. The reality star was named director of African American Outreach for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, per a Monday, July 18, announcement.

If you saw all of her emails and texts to me you would see that she is just trying to get money from me, and threatened going to press if I did not give it to her and that is a crime!

It is more good news for the Beverly Hills-based television personality, who has seen her profile soar recently after she was named director of African-American outreach for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

She showed off her massive ring in a photo on July 25.

The bride-to-be, who’s also a pastor, at Weller Street Baptist Church in Los Angeles, wore a peach embroidered dress with a tulle underlay.

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