Is nick lachey still dating vanessa

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After a round of recently ended relationships, including Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, Jon and Kate and Billy Joel and Katie Lee, ) that "maybe this will be the one time I wind up the bride instead of a bridesmaid! I sorta wonder what Jessica Simpson thinks about it.

" Then she flashed a five-karat diamond ring on her middle finger, joking, "It will be ten carats when it moves to the fourth finger! Were you ready to take the next step and he wasn't?

2006 - Present Vanessa Minnillo starred in Nick Lachey's music video for "What's Left of Me" in 2006, and they started dating shortly after.

They moved in together in April 2007, but in June 2009, her rep announced they had split.

“As they left that night, Vanessa was in tears sitting next to Nick who was gripping the steering wheel of the car.” Three nights earlier, at a birthday bash for basketball star Baron Davis at the Stone Rose Lounge.

Simpson revealed that since her father gave her a purity ring when she was 12, she remained a virgin until her wedding night. "Joe said that Jessica deserved someone so much better than Nick," the insider claimed.He told Howard Stern they "wound up at her parent's house drinking margaritas and it went from there." He also told Stern he "left at 8 in the morning," and admitted "she looked good I can't deny that," when asked if she looked good naked. "Joe has said that Nick was totally trying to extort Jessica for her money and he wanted her to pay him to go away," a source told Radar. And Vanessa Lachey surprised husband Nick in a sweet video she shared to Instagram on Thursday, as she announced the sex of their unborn baby - a boy!The clip, which was shot in the summer, was set to All Because Of You, one of Nick's band 98 Degrees' biggest hits.

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