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It is also wise to have read the section, just in case you may need to employ one of the techniques there.Description In addition to the general procedure described in the previous sections, this section provides version-specific procedures and tips.The above statement is the easiest and will work in all Plone versions; previously a more fancy statement with a condition was advocated, which we will give here for good measure: From Plone 4.1 on, versioning policies for custom types can be configured using Generic Setup (repositorytool.xml).By default, now uses zc.buildout version 1.5.2 instead of 1.4.4.

updating plone-49

Plone hotfixes are released after timely announcement from the Security Team.

You can do two things (I think - I'm sure there is a better way but if anyone has an idea paste it here! You can keep your search form and all of it's logic in template mumble jumble.

That info is below but why would you want to do that?

Search has been dramatically improved in 4.2, but that means that any customizations you may have made could be gone or just plain won't work.

If you previously customized search in your custom folder or anywhere in skins, note that your shizzle won't work anymore.

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