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“This is my f***** Facebook page now,” she said, bringing the camera closer to her daughter as the crying girl tries to cover her face.“Now, I'm gonna need y'all to send this viral, please share this.Cameras were installed in the new nest and caught the 20 filming seasons, when the couple selected it again.PBS's Nature series released a documentary featuring the now famous eagle family in 2008 called American Eagle .But her army of fans are glad that they can keep an eye on her progress after the animal park’s live cam went down a couple of days ago.One Twitter user tweeted: “ Checking in on April has become part of our morning routine!A Georgia woman apparently infuriated by her daughter’s perceived promiscuity dispensed punishment for the whole world to see, broadcasting to Facebook Live as she beat the teen girl for more than five minutes. THOT stands for “that hoe over there.” After about four minutes, Miller takes the camera from an unidentified person filming and turns it on herself, fixes her hair and addressed those watching the feed as it streamed on her daughter’s Facebook page. ” Shanavia Miller said as the live feed began, walking toward her 16-year-old daughter before smacking her with an object.

3pm GMT: April is walking around her enclosure and occasionally gets close to the camera.

But there was something more to it than physical fatigue: parenting was emotionally exhausting. Society tells us that we should savor every precious moment with our kids, and I was struggling to do this.

If motherhood had been one of my biggest goals in life, why did I want to get away from my children? Or I suffered from some kind of defect, an intimacy disorder, or psychological baggage that kept me from being able to enjoy my children as much as other people did. But I felt like I needed a bigger chunk of time to myself. After a few weeks of listening, my therapist put her clipboard away and asked me to listen closely to what she was going to say. “There is nothing wrong with you beyond the fact that you need time to yourself to refuel and recharge. And you need to stop beating yourself up over the fact that you need time alone. I consider myself a “people person.” I always assumed those traits meant I was an extrovert.

“Who could have ever predicted this, unfolding as it has. Jill Baker wrote on Twitter: “Just when I though April the Giraffe was truly in about, she laid down.”Another user said: "Forget Brexit.

Today could be the day we celebrate Girexit."7pm GMT: The zoo keeper has said he has noted how large April is as they notice her bulges.

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