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After a short period, all the pink dots will slowly disappear and you will only see a single green dot moving in a circle.Watching this illusion can get addicting and take up a lot of time.However, if you stare at the black in the center, the moving dot will turn green.Keep concentrating on the black in the center of the picture.A customer in the northeast required emergency service when their IR E520 Tail Gas Expander suffered a high pressure seal failure. Read More Axial Compressor Turnaround Overhaul Rotating Machinery Services, Inc.

The boundaries of a Kerr black hole relevant to astrophysics. The boundaries are more accurately mathematical surfaces, or sets of points in space-time, relevant to analysis of the black hole's properties and interactions.

Our staff of vibration, balancing and mechanical service technicians have comprehensive industry experience that allows us to handle rotating equipment in diverse applications from a variety of manufacturers.

We are on call to assist our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep their machinery operating efficiently, safely and at optimum uptime.

Please contact us about field services at your location, or precision balancing needs provided in our shop.

A rotation is a circular movement of an object around a center (or point) of rotation.

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