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Season 2, Episode 2October 17, 2003Raven and Chelsea are left off the guest list for a Halloween party hosted by mean-spirited Alana (Adrienne Bailon). Season 2, Episode 17July 23, 2004Raven and Chelsea go on a reality-dating show to win a date with a cute bachelor; Cory tricks his parents in an effort to stay home alone without a baby-sitter. Season 2, Episode 18July 30, 2004Raven and her pals break into song and dance to impress an undercover TV talent scout they believe is visiting their school in the guise of a janitor. A magic spell meant to get them a last-minute invite is successful, but their wish for “the best costumes” backfires when the girls transform into mooing cows. Season 2, Episode 3November 7, 2003Raven accidentally knocks her nemesis, Alana (Adrienne Bailon), into open cans of paint, and then gets bubble gum stuck in the girl's hair while trying to wash the paint out. Season 2, Episode 6February 6, 2004Cory strikes out with advice from Raven about the way to a cute girl's heart. Season 2, Episode 13June 25, 2004Raven and Eddie's friendship is tested after they are teamed to cohost a school radio show that formally belonged exclusively to Eddie; Cory believes his dad would be happier if he had hair, so he invites a wig salesman to stop by the house. Raven's father opens his own restaurant, and Raven wants to control everything that happens.Raven then has a vision of Eddie and Chelsea -- allegedly -- kissing.In other holiday happenings, Cory breaks tradition by trick-or-treating without Victor. Back at home, Cory and William discover that they---like Victor---have chicken pox. So he turns to Eddie, who suggests that the 10-year-old serenade the object of his affection with a quality rap love song. Season 2, Episode 11May 28, 2004A “psychic cold” temporarily gives Raven the ability to read people's minds just as Victor's mom comes to visit.

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Apparently, the duo definitely have a shared love of theatre, because one of the last public photo ops they had was way back in 2007, when Raven sweetly visited the set of Anneliese’s musical “Beauty and the Beast” in New York. Season 2, Episode 20September 10, 2004Raven accompanies Cory to the dentist to calm his fears after she has a vision that her little brother needs to get a filling; Chelsea and Eddie help Victor film a commercial for the Chill Grill.for years, but the actor revealed his off-screen sexuality 2006.While we’re holding out for Orlando Brown (aka Eddie — the missing piece of their magical friendship trifecta!) to join in one of these reunions soon, we love that Raven and Anneliese are still close today.

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