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I am relatively new to creating web spiders/robots, and I worry that I'm misunderstanding some of the most basic concepts. Post the values from the form ID "PPSX", the values from the form ID "PPFT", your username, your password all to a changing URL similar to: https: //com/ppsecure/post.srf? To be honest, Microsoft seems to be going down the whole "security via obfuscation" path on this one.

I've simulated logins to other sites such as Facebook and Gmail, but has given me nothing but trouble. wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct= (there are a few numbers that change at the end of that URL) 4. Which makes sense, they probably don't want people automating tasks that use their authentication.

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• For added privacy you may opt to put a password on your room access.

I've been trying to automate a log in to a website I frequent, You can see the detailed requests and responses for the authenticating proces of

The site is associated with Microsoft and Xbox Live, and as such makes uses of the Windows Live ID API when people log in to their site. I've looked far and wide for one, but I haven't come across anything.

I understand that Windows can allow multiple different user logins to the same machine at the same time, either via remote desktop program such as Citrix or other means.

My question is that, does Windows allows multiple same user login to the same machine at the same time?

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