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Making an audience feel anything, especially when you get a laugh on a funny line, is incredibly rewarding. What is some advice you would like to give anyone interested in joining theatre as a prospective or current Scottie? I went to a small K-12 school in Norcross, Georgia and every year a group of really committed seniors would perform “Senior Project”, which I guess you can relate to Theatreworks that we do here.

The thing that I love most about theatre is the community it creates.Since 2009, Cook County, IL has been cracking down on sex buyers and adding social services for prostituted women.Now, they're coaching law enforcement from around the country to take this new approach: target sex buyers as a way to reduce demand for prostitution.This won’t result in a criminal record, nor will they serve any jail time, unless there’s an open warrant for their arrest on a different charge.This saga of white-collar crime is slightly less violent than other true-crime films, but no less debauched.

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