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Voice Chat Meetings The SMART Recovery Online Community is quite extensive, so don’t expect to grasp it all right away! The main sections of the SMART Recovery Online Community are: (Feel free to introduce yourself in this section) Discussions and Tools (This area is for any recovery or tool-related discussion) Specialized Group Forums and Peer Support Groups Social Forums Register here for the SMART Recovery Messageboard Registration to the Messageboard also enables access to the on line meetings.

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Some rooms are open to all users while other are organized by age group or by groups of friends.The chat rooms are always full and get steamy quite quickly!There are Love Doctors (15) The Love Doctors is our room where our members team together to give each other advice on any issue related to love, sex, and relationships - come on in if you need advice or have some to give!After her father left to battle against the Fire Nation in the Hundred Year War, Katara was raised by her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her older brother Sokka.As a teenager, she and her brother discovered the young Air Nomad Avatar, Aang, who had been frozen in an iceberg with his bison, Appa, for one hundred years.

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