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WHAT TO DO (Jan 29, 2002 PM) pastor i was abondon my mother along with my siblings, i didnt meet her untill i was in my late teen, my dad took care of us and we all turned out pretty decent, my question is should i feel bad knowing that am in a position where i can heilp her to migrate and choose nit to do so am i been a bad person (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Pastor, what do you have to say about long distance relationships..woman is living abroad and the man is living in jamaica or vice versa.How can we trust that the one in jamaica is not trying to use the other to get to a foreign country for "opportunities abroad" even when they say they are in love? I am still a virgin (Jan 29, 2002 PM) You have not said that you have ever gotten involved, but clearly you have a problem.But that hasn't stopped 25-year-old activist Angeline Jackson from speaking out — and creating Jamaica's only registered group advocating for lesbian and bisexual women.Her efforts to tell her story — of sexual assault as a teen at the hands of an assailant who targeted her because she was a lesbian — achieved little traction.It is an attitude all too common on the island, where gay rights activists say homosexuals suffer pervasive discrimination and occasional attacks.Activists say some LGBT people have even been the victims of brutal sexual assaults intended to force them into becoming heterosexual or punish them for not fitting societal norms.In this March 24, 2015 photo, gay rights activist Angeline Jackson, 24, speaks with a colleague in Kingston, Jamaica.Jackson, a victim of a targeted sexual assault when she was 19, now directs the only registered lesbian and bisexual women's organization in Jamaica and is determined to help others recover from sexual crimes targeting female homosexuals, including so-called “corrective rapes” intended to force them into becoming heterosexual or punish them for not fitting societal norms.

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In a harrowing account of her assault, the campaigner, who later identified her rapist in a police line-up, told Marie Claire for a piece titled 'I was raped to "cure" me of being a lesbian' that raping a lesbian is seen in her home country Jamaica, where there is widespread homophobia and sex between men is illegal, as 'corrective'.'I learned to disguise my sexuality by dating boys to stop the rumors.ITREAT MY KIDS VERY WELL THOUGH, I THINK THAT IS THE REASON MY BABY'S MOTHER STAY WITH ME. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) pastor i have a problem and it is i have been with my little girl mom and we have a child togher and the child in now 16 and i send my little girl to jamaica and she bring her to this guy and tell her he is her father (Jan 29, 2002 PM) when i started talking to my husband he was living with his baby mother,but i didn't know that at the time now that i am married to him ,do u think that he will cheat on me too?(Jan 29, 2002 PM) Some folks talk about love at first sight, but truly one has sto grow in love."It has been my mission, my way of trying to triumph over that event, that experience — but also reclaiming something that was stolen from me," she says. She was turned to prostitution as a teenager and since exiting "the life" has become an advocate for others who have been sexually exploited.She'll join us for a live Google Hangout on Thursday, May 21 at pm ET. The assualt occurred in 2009, when Jackson and a friend agreed to meet with a few other Jamaicans who had identified themselves online as lesbians.

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