Devon sawa who is he dating

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Sawa broke into movies as the quarterback in Little Giants (1994), and then kissed Christina Ricci in two 1995 flicks, Casper (he played the living boy who became the ghost) and Now and Then, where she was the young Rosie O'Donnell.After his first few film credits, Sawa became a teen heartthrob and Tiger Beat coverboy.Subsequently, his acting career developed rapidly during the 1990s.Sawa appeared in the film Little Giants and then got his big break in Casper, playing the role of Casper himself as a human boy.He began acting when he was a teen, appearing in the films Little Giants (1994), Casper (1995), Now and Then (1995), Night of the Twisters (1996), Wild America (1997), and SLC Punk! In 1999 he starred in the comedy horror film Idle Hands with Jessica Alba.A year later he was cast as Alex Browning in the horror film Final Destination.Before Jon Hamm became dapper Don Draper (who happened to rock an epic beard at last year's Emmys), he was just a lowly dating show contestant in search of his other half.

Devon Edward Sawa (born September 7, 1978) is a Canadian actor.Read Full Story Devon Edward Sawa (born September 7, 1978) is a Canadian actor.He has appeared in lead roles in the films ' Little Giants,' ' Casper,' ' Wild America,' ' Idle Hands,' ' Slackers,' and ' Final Destination.' In 2000, he portrayed the role of Stan in an Eminem music video "Stan" alongside singer Dido who played Stan's girlfriend.Father: Edward Sawa (mechanic)Mother: Joyce Sawa Brother: Brandon Sawa (b. 1986)Girlfriend: Alessia Lancia (dating since high school) Philly Kid (11-May-2012) · Jake 388 Arletta Avenue (11-Sep-2011) Endure (2010) · Zeth Arnold Creature of Darkness (31-Jan-2009) Shooting Gallery (27-Dec-2005) · Paul The Pawn Extreme Ops (27-Nov-2002) Slackers (1-Feb-2002) The Guilty (1-Jun-2000) · Nathan Corrigan Final Destination (16-Mar-2000) Idle Hands (30-Apr-1999) Around the Fire (10-Apr-1999) SLC Punk! After starring in a slew of ‘90s coming-of-age classics including Casper, Now and Then and Little Giants, the towheaded teen idol ran far away from his cookie-cutter persona. It’s cute.""Unfortunately, we didn’t really stay in touch over the years.

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