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Interaction with the OS includes a range of multi-touch gestures, all of which have specific definitions within the context of the BB10 operating system and its multi-touch interface.

The Z10 comes pre-loaded with a variety of default Black Berry applications.

You'll be doing a lot of Black Berry learning on your own without having to wait for our Monday lectures, but make sure you don't start skipping class even if you pick things up real fast.

We'll be jumping around from topic to topic, so even if you know it all one week, there's a still a chance you'll pick up something new the next.

Fall is in the air, Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have been following our Black Berry 101 Lecture Series so far, you'll know we covered Why Black Berry? which means you hopefully have your hands on a Black Berry of your very own as you read this.

You might be sporting a new Black Berry 8310 or T-Mobile's Wi Fi-enabled 8320 or maybe you've decided to hold out just a bit longer on buying a new Black Berry so you can get your hands on the just-announced Black Berry Pearl 8130 (which looks AWESOME and is coming to North American CDMA networks in just a few short weeks).

Live musical performances by the Tams on Saturday will also take center stage from 6 - 10pm. Art in the Park, a juried fine art show, is held in Vernon Square with entertainment on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm along with paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry and textiles.

The service allows users to browse and download applications, games, music, videos from the Black Berry World store.

And if you are a long-time Black Berry user and are tuning in, thanks for keeping us company this class.

From here on out, we're going to assume you have a Black Berry, and the lectures are going to dive into basic and advanced phone functions, applications, tips and tricks. lecture, you'll remember one of my points in favor of Why to Choose Black Berry was its easy-to-learn, user-friendly operating system.

The Black Berry Z10 uses the new Black Berry 10(Currently running on 10.3.2) mobile operating system based on QNX.

The user interface of BB 10 is based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures.

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