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So I thought I’d try to rebuild the ps3 database to see if it would fix it. So if you have other slow down, a weird glitch or maybe your trophies take a while to sync this would be wise to do. Earlier this week I was trying to watch some videos off the internal hard drive and it was lagging and sound came in and out for some reason.

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Restores all default settings on the PS3 for networking, clock, video, etc.“Rebuild Database” which should be option 4 will rebuild the OS for the ebuilding the database may take a while depending on how many games or data is installed on the internal HDD(amount of files on HDD). Answer: Try again a few times, if the problem persists one possibility is your hard drive is failing. Here is a list of popular loaders: * Multiman * Gaia Manager * Iris Manager * Rogero Manager (Make sure you download the right version for your CFW) * Try with only 1 HDD connected, some Firmwares or game managers may have problems with multiple external HDD’s.* Try removing some data, PS3 HDD’s tend to have troubles when over halfway full.This should not erase any of your saved data or settings.This can be a useful feature if you have lost files on your system for no apparent reason.

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