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If the data source that is used to compute the profile is available, you can double-click a row in the To connect to the source database for a drilldown request, the Data Profile Viewer uses Windows Authentication and the credentials of the current user.

The Data Profile Viewer does not use the connection information that is stored in the package that ran the Data Profiling task.

For more information about how to set up and run the Data Profiling tasks, see To view the data profiles, you configure the Data Profiling task to send its output to a file, and then you use the stand-alone Data Profile Viewer.

To open the Data Profile Viewer, do one of the following. The pane also displays the number and percentage of rows in which the column value has that column length.

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of, which might or might not suffer similar problems - I haven't checked it out. And definitely great for those of us too lazy to actually reach over and open up our laptops. Well, today I’m going to give you the lowdown on their dating app. Convenient, fast, perfect for all of us who have too many things to do (nurturing our careers, volunteering, networking, trying not to go crazy).For the three profile types that are computed against more than one column (Candidate Key, Functional Dependency, and Value Inclusion), the pane displays violations of the expected relationship.For example, if you request a Candidate Key Profile, the Details pane displays duplicate values that violate the uniqueness of the candidate key.

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