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Bugs Bunny looks nothing like a human being, but viewers recognize the pattern of what a smiling, wacky character is supposed to look like, and their brain automatically fills in the rest. Our favorites are Piston Honda, the Japanese Samurai boxer, and Bob Charlie, because that’s almost a joke, right?So what happens if you decide that instead of “wacky character” archetypes, you’re going to go with “racist” archetypes? We’re not going to go through a list of everything wrong with this game because we have lots of other things to get to this week, and honestly the gameplay itself doesn’t matter. While video game advocates would rather focus on the intellectual and artistic potential of video games, there’s really no denying that the industry is far more familiar with exploring the depths of stupidity — and so we come to is a game about the Mexican Drug War, and it is pretty much the worst thing to have ever happened to the industry.UPDATE – Check out and the new whisper app Teenage Dating Sites Due to regulation on age and dating sites there are not many teenage dating sites around.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t heaps of cool places to meet teens online and find dates.Find a chat partner or many partners by location or by sexual interests.If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started.The site, which I won't link to, because I don't want to improve its search ranking, is asiandate.com, also operating under the domain aliases (i.e.without the "n"), and (more on these alternative domain names later), and redirecting upon registration from the domain

There are also teen blogs at ourteennetwork wher you can post and interact with other teens Of course you can upload your own video and photos of yourself.

Tweakers en hebben daarom de handen ineen geslagen, waarbij handig gebruik wordt gemaakt van de verschillende doelgroepen van de twee sites: geeks en paardenmeisjes.

De nieuwe datingsite, toepasselijk genaamd Biks & Bytes, is alleen te gebruiken door mensen die geregistreerd zijn op Tweakers of

De combinatie van paardenmeisjes en elektronicafans is er blijkbaar een die goed werkt.""Op Tweakers komen overwegend mannen, terwijl op vooral vrouwen komen", stelt Wilbert de Vries, hoofdredacteur van Tweakers.

"Beide groepen hebben echter iets gemeen: een passie waar ze graag over praten en hun tijd aan besteden.

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