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Note however that the vagina is not typically visible for it is the inside of the pussy while vulva is the outside.

Pussy often refers to the entire sex organ of the woman in a way that only genitalia approaches. Since things can be "inserted" into a pussy (see main function, below) and things can be inserted into a vagina, there is a similarity that has not escaped notice.

“That doesn’t look like the sprawling industrial city of Gizmoshi.” “It’s not.” Jelena took a deep breath, bracing herself to explain this side mission she had planned. ” “That’s right.” Jelena glanced at the big view screen that stretched across the front of Nav Com, making sure there weren’t any terrain features coming up that she would need to pilot them around. “I’ve decided that we’ll stop before reaching Gizmoshi.

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Basically her outer pussy lips are called labia majora containing her clit with the clitoral hood on top, her inner pussy lips called labia minora and the vaginal opening.Pussy is framed by pussy mound on the top and separated from her anus by the tweener.In order to look inside her pussy you need to keep her pussy open with a speculum.They would land in one of the craters or canyons on the dark, pockmarked side of Alpha 17 Moon, and they would begin their infiltration. ” Erick Ostberg asked, shambling into Navigation and Communications in his socks and rumpled pajamas, his short blond hair sticking out in so many directions it looked like he had slept in a wind tunnel. Anyone who thought Starseers were mysterious and powerful warriors had never seen Erick in his asteroids-and-spaceships pajamas.“We’ve arrived at our first destination,” Jelena said.

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