Updating motorola phone tools for vista

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We also found MML to be more responsive and less prone to crashes when run on Windows XP as opposed to Windows 7.Though if you're looking for something that's a little better but less user-friendly, we'd suggest checking out Droid Explorer, but only if you're using a modern Android-powered device.Apple may be designing its own graphics processors to make the augmented-reality glasses Tim Cook has dropped hints about, but the move is also an opportunity to build something that takes the security and modern app development of i OS and puts it into a device format Mac users have been asking for.Got a pile of old drives that you need to wipe before sending them to Silicon Heaven?Here's the good and the bad on this tiny ultrabook.Once the challenger in the data integration space, Talend itself is now being challenged by a new breed of data integration players born in the big data world.Note: Motorola Phone Tools does not work with Android devices.Clunky, crashes a lot and not very well maintained (at least last time we checked), the Motorola Mobile Suite can do a lot of things.

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I am setting up a new computer and have discovered that the updates for Motorola Phone Tools (I have 5.05) are no longer available on Motorola Live Update!!

Without an update I can no longer sync my phone (VA76r) with MPT as it is not supported in ver 5.05. Can anyone PLEASE tell me where to download a higher version or send me the file.

Or do you want to wipe a drive in a computer that you are selling or giving away?

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