Labron james dating

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After the Cavs’ big win in the finals, Savannah (and the kids!

That might not be sitting well with one of Thompson’s teammates, one Le Bron James, who could be opposed to the reality-TV superstar bringing unnecessary drama to the team.So there’s the possibility that Le Bron slipped up. Whatever the truth is, Poyer was still rooting for the Cavs an hour later and then the couple was featured on the kiss cam. Meanwhile, Le Bron went for 34 / 6 / 6 on 13-of-16 shooting in a Cavaliers win. It’s happened to him in the past, it’s happening to him now. But it’s certainly not something restricted to the game of Basketball.He was absolutely abysmal last night, he was a no show […] and to choose the NBA Finals to let that happen, that’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with.” He followed that up with equally cryptic tweets about Le Bron’s “situation” including this: Stephen A., who said that people around Le Bron had insinuated that what he’s suggesting is true, refused to go into detail, however, because he doesn’t feel it’s his place to tell Le Bron’s business. This was reported on Houston’s 97.9 The Box this morning.

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