Weatherlink not updating wunderground

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The script downloads station data from Wunderground in a CSV format and then processes it for display.The scripts referenced here are used in the operation of this weather station, and may be freely copied and used to support your station.Announcements of version updates and new scripts are made on and Weather-Watch forums and saratoga WXPHP Twitter account as they become available. It uses two of the built-in functions from the template set: so to have easy maintenance for future releases of those two scripts, it is strongly recommended you not modify them.All needed customization can be performed in the script.// Customize this list with your nearby METARs by // using create the list below $Metar List = array( // set this list to your local METARs // Metar(ICAO) | Name of station | dist-mi | dist-km | direction | 'KNUQ|Moffett Nas/Mtn, California, USA|9|14|N|', // lat=37.4000,long=-122.0500, elev=12, dated=28-FEB-12 'KSJC|San Jose, California, USA|9|14|NE|', // lat=37.3667,long=-121.9167, elev=24, dated=28-FEB-12 'KRHV|San Jose/Reid, California, USA|12|19|ENE|', // lat=37.3167,long=-121.8167, elev=41, dated=28-FEB-12 'KPAO|Palo Alto, California, USA|14|23|NNW|', // lat=37.4667,long=-122.1167, elev=2, dated=28-FEB-12 'KSQL|San Carlos Airpo, California, USA|21|34|NW|', // lat=37.5167,long=-122.2500, elev=1, dated=28-FEB-12 'KWVI|Watsonville, California, USA|27|44|SSE|', // lat=36.9333,long=-121.7833, elev=43, dated=28-FEB-12 'KHWD|Hayward, California, USA|28|44|N|', // lat=37.6667,long=-122.1167, elev=21, dated=28-FEB-12 'KSFO|San Francisco, California, USA|30|49|NW|', // lat=37.6167,long=-122.3667, elev=3, dated=28-FEB-12 'KHAF|Half Moon Bay, California, USA|31|50|WNW|', // lat=37.5167,long=-122.5000, elev=21, dated=28-FEB-12 'KOAK|Oakland, California, USA|31|50|NNW|', // lat=37.7000,long=-122.2167, elev=26, dated=28-FEB-12 'KLVK|Livermore, California, USA|31|51|NNE|', // lat=37.7000,long=-121.8167, elev=117, dated=28-FEB-12 'KCVH|Hollister Muni, California, USA|42|68|SE|', // lat=36.9000,long=-121.4167, elev=70, dated=28-FEB-12 'KSNS|Salinas, California, USA|48|77|SSE|', // lat=36.6667,long=-121.6000, elev=30, dated=28-FEB-12 'KMRY|Monterey, California, USA|49|78|SSE|', // lat=36.5833,long=-121.8500, elev=66, dated=28-FEB-12 'KCCR|Concord, California, USA|50|81|N|', // lat=38.0000,long=-122.0500, elev=11, dated=28-FEB-12 // list generated Wed, 09-Jan-2013 pm PST at $max Age = 75*60; // max age for metar in seconds = 75 minutes # $SITE['cache File Dir'] = './cache/'; // directory to use for scripts cache files ..use './' for dir $SITE['tz'] = 'America/Los_Angeles'; //NOTE: this *MUST* be set correctly to // translate UTC times to your LOCAL time for the displays.

Notes: Map Instructions: Hover over a marker to see a station name and click the marker to be taken to the station’s own website (in a new window).This script reproduces much of the functionality of the Wunderground display of historical data for an individual station.It is only useful for stations that upload data to Wunderground on a regular basis.NB This is a new map and listing format – please let us know if you hit any problems or have any general comments.The new map is powered by Java Script, which must therefore be enabled on any browser wishing to view the map image. An updated map is being prepared and will be posted within a day or so.

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