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November in Philadelphia has been about 2 ½ degrees above normal, but parts of the Plains are up to 12 degrees above normal.

Here’s the map that shows it: It has been exceptionally cold in Alaska, with Fairbanks just reaching 30 degrees below zero. Now we need to monitor that area to see what happens to the super-cold air. The purple and dark blue cold air now covers almost all of the U. And the unseasonably mild air in Canada has disappeared.

His experience and interest with hurricanes began with the National Hurricane Center in Miami from 1974-1977.

From 1972-1974, Schwartz worked at Accu Weather in State College, Pennsylvania, providing radio forecasts for numerous clients. Being the recipient of numerous awards including an Emmy, Schwartz is most proud of being voted “one of the 30 greatest Philadelphians of the past 30 years” in 1998. Batton Author’s Award presented to him in San Diego by The American Meteorological Society.

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