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While Clark’s story is a scary one for anyone that owns a device with a built in webcam, it isn’t new.Hackers have been targeting webcams, gaming consoles and baby monitors for years.

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In July, a southwestern Ontario family called police after their baby monitor suddenly began playing music and a voice said they were being watched while one of the parents was rocking the young child to sleep in the nursery.We all do it: We use our computer, then we get distracted with something and just walk away. Stickley said such families are easy targets for webcam predators -- criminals like Luis Mijangos. So we set up an experiment using the Siegel family of New Jersey. Computer expert Jim Stickley of Trace Security showed us how easy it is.Cybersecurity experts said hackers are broadly exploiting the explosive growth in the use of webcams by using malicious software to quietly take remote control of the devices, sometimes within minutes.A Toronto woman was photographed watching Netflix by a hacker who commandeered the webcam on her laptop.

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