News widget not updating

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For this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will be concentrating on the Galaxy S4 apps not updating issue and other related problems.If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to contact us using this form.CUSTOMIZATION You can customize the Weather Widget FX using the Live Demo above and then download the package with the changes you've made or you can edit the file with a text editor.You can change the default location through default Location attribute from file.Open the HTML file with a text editor (like Notepad or Text Edit) and add the following code where you want the product to be displayed: Don't forget to replace the 278 and 278 from the swfobject.embed SWF() function above with your own width and height that you specified in the file through component Width and component Height elements.

This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached.We however ask that when you do contact us try to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given.If your phone can’t do an app update the first thing you should check is if your phone is connected to the Internet.But since installing the i OS 10 beta in late June I decided to give News another go, and this time, I'm finding it both enjoyable and useful.Arguably the most frustrating part of For You is the fact you never get a good sense of what the big stories of the day are.

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