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Raphaël currently supports Firefox 3.0 , Safari 3.0 , Chrome 5.0 , Opera 9.5 and Internet Explorer 6.0 .

class: title, self-paced Docker Orchestration Workshop --- class: title, in-person .small[ Deploy and scale containers with Docker native, open source orchestration .small[.small[ **Be kind to the Wi Fi!

** *Use the 5G network* *Don't use your hotspot* *Don't stream videos from You Tube, Netflix, etc.

(if you're bored, watch local content instead)* Thank you! We are AJ ([@s0ulshake]( & Jérôme ([@jpetazzo]( -- class: in-person - This is our collective Docker knowledge: !

Dynamic Data Display 2.0 is a set of Silverlight controls for adding interactive visualization of dynamic data to your Silverlight application.

It allows to create line graphs, bubble charts, heat maps and other complex 2D plots which are very common in scientific software.

We did the work for you and now provide a completely patched release of Cacti with Plugin Architecture version 3.1.

Download Dynamic Data Display for Silverlight - the downloadable package contains all you need to use Dynamic Data Display controls in your applications including API reference documentation and guidelines for extending the library.

The package doesn't contain source code and is licensed under MSR-LA terms.

For a detailed list of available checks please refer to the Checks page.

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