Stanley bench plane dating page

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the #45 tooltrip #45 Abbreviated Type Study Typing Stanley #45s oldtooluser Stanley No. Router Type Study Page by Lars Larson Metal Router Type Study Page Stanley by numbers by numbers/Dating Bench (this includes bench planes, Marking Gages Type Studies, Metal Router Type Studies, Chisels, and more) Record hand plane dating.There were tools & books in the auction to fit any budget. Starrett end cutters "FOR MUSIC WIRE" USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corp.) lasting pincer/hammer combo tool; SARGENT nippers; Unknown "Young's Patent" tool; & unknown saw set. There were bargains for tool dealers, antique shop owners & e Bay sellers alike. The models 709 and 714 were designed for general carpentry rather than fine woodworking.This auction featured the woodworking tool collection of Bob Elgin, a long time M-WTCA member and avid bowl carver from St. In addition to Bob's tools, we sold a number of tools consigned by three different collectors from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri & Illinois. The two planes were part of a group of twenty-four products that had not been included in the first printing of the company’s December 1949 catalog.The catalog, entitled , was later reprinted with a nine-page addendum that included the new tools.

In case you want a PDF copy (or in case my type study is having glitches) you can download my free PDF chart here.

Stan Faullin helped by providing some of the pictures used in the Plane Dating Flowchart, and Steve Turner provided the Post Script version of the flowchart.

In early 1950, the Millers Falls Company distributed the circular at right to inform the hardware trade of its new Model 709 and 714 bench planes.

Two E&M Pollak plane books: A Supplement To American Wooden Panes & Prices Realized on Rare Imprinted American Wooden Planes 1979 - 1992, Supplement a bit worn on the outside, Prices Realized book is fine. TOOLS FROM PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLECTIONS - GROUP I 1973 spiral bound book printed in 1973 by the Early American Industries Association - West Pacific Northwest Section, minor cover wear, inside is fine.

(Because of its delicate condition, handling of this catalogue will not be permitted during the preview).

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