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Meghan has yet to comment on the rumored relationship, and a Kensington Palace spokesperson told People that they "would not comment on private matters." Harry previously dated lawyer Chelsy Davy and actress Cressida Bonas, while Meghan separated from LA manager Trevor Engelson after two years of marriage in 2013.After becoming the focus of the history-changing federal investigation into her private life, Monica Lewinsky found herself, at 24 years old, one of the first targets of a “culture of humiliation”: a now-familiar cycle of media, political and personal harassment – particularly online. The 32-year-old royal is reportedly dating 35-year-old Suits actress Meghan Markle, People reports.

Monica is initially worried that the West Coast may not have as many people open to her gift as back east, but on the way to their new place, she meets a family at a truck stop, where she brings words of comfort to a widow and her sons.

In 2014, Lewinsky returned to the public eye with an acclaimed essay for which has been nominated for a National Magazine Award for best Essay Writing, and with a widely viewed speech at Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit.

“We could all learn a few things from Monica Lewinsky, particularly about ourselves.” — CNN.com, October 21, 2014 One year ago today, at TED2015, Monica Lewinsky gave a powerful talk about bullying, shaming and becoming a more empathetic society.

Now Gabby has to make a choice between her two loves. With that being said, it's still burdened by the same kind of misguided tropes and cloying incredulity that makes each of these films a chore to sit through.

Clint Eastwood's son, Scott Eastwood, was originally cast in this film but was replaced by Tom Welling and put into another movie from a book also written by Nicholas Sparks, called Chemins croisés (2015), which came out in April 10, 2015. These films come decorated in the same kind of clothing as the next, as they're built from the ground up on impossibly romantic circumstances, characters that always look beautiful no matter what, a truly tragic plot device played up perfectly to engineer an emotional reaction rather than naturally warrant one, and a slew of "perfect moments" to make your relationship with your significant other look like a slog.

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