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Defendant's counsel has moved to dismiss the indictment on grounds that this Court lacks subject matter jurisdiction under general principles of international law and the stated provisions of the United States Code.

In the original multi-count indictment of September 15, 1987, the United States charged Fawaz Yunis, a resident and citizen of Lebanon, for his alleged involvement in the hijacking of a Jordanian civilian aircraft in the Middle East. §§ 371, 1203, 32(a)(1), (2) and (5); Count II—seizing, detaining and threatening passengers and crew members, including three American nationals as hostages, in violation of 18 U. This criminal proceeding and indictment arise from the hijacking of a Jordanian civil aircraft, Royal Jordanian Airlines ("ALIA") Flight 402, on June 11, and 12, 1985. The Universal and the Passive Personal principle appear to offer potential bases for asserting jurisdiction over the hostage-taking and aircraft piracy charges against Yunis.

Animated Classics Other Animation Live Action (1980-Present) Live Action (Pre-1980) Direct-to-Video OUT-OF-PRINT List TV Movies (1991-Present, 1980-1990, Pre-1980) TV Shows Walt Disney Treasures Documentaries & IMAX DVD Shop/Search The Complete Pluto Vol. It looks like The Incredibles will be coming to DVD quicker than any other Pixar film; we're already hearing about its 2-disc Collector's Edition DVD.

After 10 days, the film's 3 million take has it keeping pace with Pixar's previous and top-grossing film Finding Nemo.

Check out the Incredibles DVD ad, which includes preliminary artwork.

Also in March, the three in-print Pixar DVDs will be undergoing temporary price reductions.

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