Pavilion sp3 not updating

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While I don’t know how many users are impacted, based on comments sent to me, it’s certainly widespread enough that this is well beyond an isolated issue.

While almost every computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 will be compatible, the app is very handy to detect if certain applications or hardware currently installed on your computer will work after the upgrade.Microsoft's suggested fixes don't appear to be working, either.My desktop is hung up on error 80073712, for example, but the recommended solution also fails.Also Microsoft released a new client in March 2016: just spent couple of days in company of old laptop with 2GB of RAM and can confirm that issue seems to be x64 poor hardware/insufficient RAM specific.All solutions listed above didn't help to obtain updates while using x64 Windows 7 SP1 Home Basic - really tried them (even twice).

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