Women dating after divorce

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While it’s unclear when they exactly split, what the public does know is that the two are locked into a nasty divorce and custody battle. The actor split from his girlfriend of less than one year, Jenny Slate, 34, in Jan. While we’d love to see Scarlett and Chris together, their splits seem a bit fresh, don’t you think?

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Which begs the question, if these rumors are true, will we see something steamy on-screen for the upcoming films?

While the two have yet to speak out publicly about the romance rumors, Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY learned that Scarlett isn’t afraid to put herself out there again when it comes to finding love. We learned that she just wants to get on with her life and live it to the fullest! Right now, she and Romain are in the midst of a messy custody battle over their baby girl, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, 2.

“(Ex-husband) Thomas (Vonn) was really my first boyfriend, so I didn’t have a lot of dating experience,” Vonn said.

“So jumping into a relationship right away after getting a divorce was probably not the smartest move on my part.” Vonn married her ex-husband in 2007 at age 22.

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