Im dating my teacher

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Both my kids have started new school this year and my 4yr old has this cute teacher who is 27 (I'm 30). She's Andrew's teacher, it wouldn't be appropriate. Should I just be content to have good relationships with the teachers and leave it at that? I'm _this_ close to going ahead and doing it but i'm just apprehensive. Encouragement, ridicule, whatever; I value your opinions way more than the voices in my head My first impulse was to say wait until the end of the school year, but re-reading the post I see you're talking about your 4-year old. In fact it is the only thing that has kept me from initiating contact sooner.

Upon completing an accredited initial teacher education program, the teacher is recognised as meeting the Standards at the Graduate level.The teacher was the coach and he took me for rehearsals.I was like the best and he actually got charmed I can say...You cannot include service from any other employment such as a tutor, SSO, university/TAFE lecturer or tutor, exam moderator or administration officer.You may like to select the site you work at most or where you have been employed the longest.

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